Few Instagram and Messenger Features disabled in Europe

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Facebook is notifying the people in Europe that some of the features will be unavailable and it is disabling some features. A small message appeared in Facebook messenger and the Instagram app to the European people this week about this respecting new rules for messaging services in Europe. From today messaging apps will fall under EU rules known as the ePrivacy directives.

Group chat pools on Messenger are among the tools to be switched off. The ability to set nicknames of friends on messenger will also be deactivated. Whereas sharing the augmented-reality face filters on direct message on Instagram will also be shut off.

Facebook said it had not disclosed to switched off all of its features, because the people who were not using or do not know what it is, will not get affected by the rules and regulations. The core messaging and calling option in Instagram and Messenger will not be affected.

The company said in a statement that the company will make available all its features as quickly as possible so that the people in Europe will not face any problems and make it more secure to integrate it. There’s nothing in the ePrivacy directive that bans the use of fun stickers and the pools in messaging apps, so facebook’s move to disable them is a little puzzling.

Facebook has not disclosed all its features that are not available for different reasons. And it is saying that they will announce the upcoming things in the future. And It is not a small app, it is Facebook. It a widely known and everyone’s lovable. And also Facebook brought back some of the features as promised.

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