People in Telangana made a temple of actor Sonu Sood

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Describing Sonu Sood as “the real hero of India”, the villagers of Dubba Thanda in Maddur Mandal of Siddipet district of Telangana, dedicated a temple to the Actor and philanthropist. The local Banjara womenfolk also participated in the dedication ceremony.

The villagers put a tilak on the forehead of the statue of Sonu Sood and they are performing the aarti every day.  A banner behind the bust put up to read “the real hero of India Sonu Sood temple”. Another statue of Sonu Sood was placed near the bust with two other photographs. This statue was built by a sculptor is meant to be a gift to the actor.

Sonu Sood has helped thousands of labor workers to reach their hometown in the coronavirus lockdown period. The actor has helped the workers wholeheartedly and touched everyone’s heart.

Sonu Sood who has been receiving praise from this quarter said in a statement that, “This is extremely an overwhelming moment. But at the same time, I don’t deserve this. I am just a common man who has helped his brothers and sisters.”

The villagers are elated that they have constructed a temple for Sonu Sood. It was not an act of gratitude that they had not directly benefitted from the actor. The people of the said he was there when anyone needs him and a great philanthropist.

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