TikTok Ratings Below 1.5 #BanTikTok Trends

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TikTok, bytedance owned social sharing platform is facing backlash over video glorifying acid attacks and vulgar content which led to their dramatic fall in their ratings on Google PlayStore.

TikTok is a very popular platform in India with over 600 million active users. The recent clash between Youtube and TikTok content creators along with the video glorifying acid attacks led to the downfall in ratings.

TikTok Ratings Below 1.5 #BanTikTok Trends

The battle started when Carry Minati created a video YouTube vs TikTok in which he roasted Amar Siddiqui. The video was breaking various YouTube records but was later deleted by YouTube due to non compliance with the companies policy.

Amar Siddiqui account also got deleted due to multiple community guidelines violations.

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